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Houston Texas Is Getting Excited For The Upcoming NBA Season

Houston, Texas is getting excited about the upcoming NBA season. Several years, back, the franchise decided the best way to get back into championship contention was to start signing tradeable assets to friendly contracts and then pounce on the chance to get a superstar.

That wound up being Oklahoma City guard James Harden, who the other franchise knew they could not realistically keep. Houston picked him and started building around him as he grew into a player that competes for MVP awards every season. They tried pairing him with Dwight Howard for a while, but the duo failed to work.

Now, they have Chris Paul for one season before he hits free agency, and the Houston Rockets suddenly have two of the top 10 point guards in the game. This will undoubtedly mean one or both spending time at the shooting guard position so they can both play in the same lineups, and it makes this team very dangerous to play against. Guarding their backcourt is going to be rather impossible for the other 29 teams in the league.

Golden State still seems to be poised to win it all, given that their starting line-up has four All-Stars, and three of the top 10 players in the league overall. However, should anything happen to them over the course of the season, the Houston Rockets would be well-poised to quickly become the Western Conference contender to get through the post-season and reach the NBA Finals.

The franchise has been there before, since Hakeem Olajuwon lead them to back to back titles in the 1990s during Michael Jordan’s first retirement. Still, that was a generation ago, and the city is craving more rings and banners. A stellar year might just convince Chris Paul to stick around on a longer contract.